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If a new journalistic venture is to be successful then it quickly needs to establish itself at the heart of its targeted readership. The launch of TheBusinessDesk.com in the West Midlands was no different.

That the web-based business news service was able to establish itself far quicker than expected – breaking monthly subscription targets just four days into launch – was due to its investment in journalistic talent such as that supplied by Jayne Howarth.

Jayne’s contribution at this crucial time was vital in helping to secure this early lead.  Her newsgathering experience and writing abilities ensured a steady supply of top quality stories and features, while her ability to work on her own initiative freed up vital time for the editor Marc Reeves and me to work on new projects without having the extra burden of continually populating the site with content.

Duncan Tift,

Deputy Editor, thebusinessdesk.com

Jayne’s a fantastically organised journalist, who juggled several responsibilities on the Post, from editing the books and travel sections, to being a major force behind the sucess of the Post’s superb Weekend section.

– Marc Reeves, editor, The Birmingham Post

She stood out because she had as genuine passion for her work. I would trust her with any project.

– Mike Hughes, executive editor, The Birmingham Post

Jayne Howarth has successfully worked on the Birmingham Book Festival’s writers in schools programme, Write On, for several years. She is a very valuable member of our team of professional writers – both teachers and children are inspired by her approach to writing and she has done an excellent job encouraging young people to think of writing as a career.

– Jonathan Davidson, Chief Executive, Writing West Midlands / Project Manager, Write On!

Jayne Howarth is a reliable and conscientious freelance writer. She is an experienced news reporter with the ability to write for diverse audiences and tease out simplicity from material that is often complex and challenging.

– Jon Hunt, owner of Englemed Health News

Jayne has worked with me to copy edit a variety of reference and children’s books, covering a wide range of issues including schools travel and climate change. It was a pleasure to work with her and she brought expert knowledge, communication and creative skills to the process. Jayne’s work with our books has undoubtedly contributed to them being so well received in the market place. I enjoyed working with Jayne, would love to do so again and highly recommend her without hesitation.

– Sarah Marshall – Lollypop Publishing Ltd.”

Jayne worked with us on an involved piece of work requiring researching and writing imaginative copy for our council staff recognition award ceremony brochure.

I was impressed with how she got ‘stuck in’ and had a genuine interest and enthusiasm for the project. Through her own experience and contacts she was also able to recommend potential press contacts for us.

The task required adherence to deadlines and lot of co-ordination which was all completed in a timely, organised way.

Jayne displayed efficiency, took feedback on board and above all has a great writing style which brought the stories about our staff members to life. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again or recommend her. She added a great deal to my project.

-Lucy Cross, Corporate Recognition Manager, Birmingham City Council.

I have always admired her work as a journalist and editor and know that the calibre of her work is superb. As a former news editor of a publication where Jayne later took up the reins, I can also vouch for how much her drive, commitment and exacting standards have had a positive effect on the team there.

– Linda Jones, owner, Passionate Media

Jayne Howarth worked with me in March 2008. She planned and led work around the journalistic theme. She also marked and assessed work alongside myself. It was a fantastic project and it culminated in all children creating a front page of a newspaper on the computer. Their finished product demonstrated great understanding and technical knowledge. Without a doubt the children benefitted greatly and so did their writing-journalistic writing was well and truly covered and we as a school would have no hesitation asking her to work with us again.

Sally Darby (class teacher and Literacy Co-ordinator)

Jayne is an example for all journalists – diligent and tenacious, yet personable, and dare we say it – an open, positive and genuine person!

– Neil Gleeson, CEO, ComplaintCommunity.com

Written by CommonPeople

November 29, 2009 at 6:09 am

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