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Should lone parents go back to work when their child is 5?

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Here is a question that I doubt George Osborne can answer: what jobs are you expecting lone parents to get when their oldest child reaches the age of five and is at school?

In his emergency 2010 Budget, Osborne has declared that from October 2011, single parents will be expected to go out and find work when their little one enters Reception class.

Presumably, the Chancellor of the Exchequer will be able to guarantee thousands of part-time, flexible jobs, 9.30-2.30 probably– perhaps term-time only.

Perhaps the remuneration will be sufficient to merit paying up to £10 a day for before-school or after-school care.
The salary will need to be good enough to make up for the fact that child benefit is to be frozen for three years from 2011.

The Government believes the new initiative to get lone parents back into work will save £380million by 2015 and will help 15,000 people into employment.


I’d love to believe that both the private and public sector will be falling over themselves to offer such ultra-flexible terms to those who need them. But it isn’t going to happen.

David Cameron visits a school

Is it?

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June 22, 2010 at 10:37 pm

How flexible is your employer?

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Flexible working is one of the most important considerations when seeking employment, a new survey has found.

The annual WorkingMum.co.uk survey revealed that family-friendly employers were key when it came finding suitable employment.

A total of 1,677 women were surveyed on the jobs site and 85 per cent said that offering flexible hours for full-time working was important.

Part-time hours and making provision when a school/home emergency cropped up was another important aspect cited by working mothers when it came to making the right career choice.

Only 31 per cent said they perceived extended maternity pay as a “family friendly” option.

The survey coincides with the launch of its Top Employers platform http://bit.ly/1aYeCV which highlights those firms who have family-friendly policies.

Forty five per cent of the women questioned for WorkingMums said they had considered launching their own businesses as a way of countering the problems they have met from unsupportive employers or to attain the flexibility the needed.

The survey showed that there was a drop in the number of mums working full-time (24 per cent), while 60 per cent said they worked part-time.

It was also suggested that many women had taken lower paid, less challenging work since returning from maternity leave because 53 per cent of respondents said they were earning less pro rata now than before they children.

More than half – 54 per cent – said they would accept a less well paid job in return for flexibility.

Gillian Nissim, founder of WorkingMums.co.uk, said: “This year’s survey shows that flexible working is top of working mums’ agenda and will not go away.

“It is the key issue that employers must grapple with if they want to retain the kind of skills offered by working mums. Many of our candidates have over 15 years’ experience in their career fields and a significant number have management experience.

“The recession has not reduced the urgency of this issue for working parents and employers who want to be prepared for the eventual upturn in the economy would do well to listen to their voices rather than risk losing them to more forward-thinking rivals.”

I’d be interested to know your thoughts.

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September 17, 2009 at 10:53 am