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How Twitter users published a book for Comic Relief

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I’m not sure it was meant to be such a large project.
A tweet went out on micro blogging site Twitter in mid February, asking if anyone would be interested in a collaboration to produce a book for Comic Relief.
Linda Jones, a journalist and director of Passionate Media, and fellow scribe Louise Bolotin wondered if TwitterTitters (a name voted upon by the discerning users of Twitter) could be done in time for Red Nose Day, March 13, 2009.
Before they could change their minds – or even take a breath – submissions were pouring in, a website was set up and comedian Dave Spikey, of Phoenix Nights fame, had agreed to have a previously unseen work included.
And then Nat Coombs, whose online Chelsey:OMG! is gaining a huge following, wrote the foreword to the book.
A PR agency, a Twitter contact of the organisers, got involved, an editor, illustrator and judging panel soured (all through Twitter); advice was sought on the micro blogging site and messages flew around to keep everyone up to speed.
Such a valiant effort meant the book was conceived and born in about the same gestation period of a mouse.
And what a book: 12 pieces of wonderful writing from established and emerging comic talent. Some of the stories will make you giggle; others will have you guffaw uproariously. How do I know? Well, I was one of the judges.
Thrilled to be asked in the first place, and ever so slightly daunted by the 70+ submissions, I pored over the texts and was thankful I wasn’t in a public place when I read them, such was my snorting and occasional shriek.
It was a tough task, but the shortlist was drawn up in super quick time, we judges  – Martin Millar, Diane Shipley and Maria McCarthy – didn’t fight (although an arm wrestle was suggested) and the book – published by http://www.Lulu.com – was on sale before you knew it.
So, go on, buy a copy. Please. It costs £4.99 to download or you can get a real 120-page paperback copy to treasure for £9 (or JUST £9, as those sales types say). All proceeds go to Comic Relief – nothing, rien, nada goes to those who were involved with its production. All they need is the glow of satisfaction of a job well done.
We might not have climbed Kilimanjaro, but we have climbed our own mountain doing this: doing something funny for money.
Please support the TwitterTitters book – you can buy a copy here: http://www.lulu.com/content/6281246
If you want to find out more about Comic Relief and the projects it supports in the UK and Africa, click here http://www.comicrelief.com

Have a titter with Twitter for Comic Relief

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This isn’t a post from me, but I think this is such a great idea, I wanted to share it with you.

If you think you can contribute or help, please do contact the people who are listed below.

A new collection of comedy writing hopes to raise cash for Comic Relief – thanks to the micro-blogging site Twitter. Journalists Linda Jones and Louise Bolotin are working on collecting and editing submissions for the TwitterTitters book by tweeting about it regularly.

Just one day after first mentioning the initiative on Twitter, they have found an illustrator and first submissions have been received.

The deadline is Friday, February 20 at 4pm.

The resulting book will be published by self publishers Lulu.com, with all proceeds going to Comic Relief.

Short stories, scripts, poems and prose will all be accepted for the anthology and the word limit is 1,400 words. Copyright for the work is retained by the writer.

Staffordshire agency director Linda said: “I’m a fan of having a laugh. I’m a fan of short stories and I’m a fan of Twitter. This project brings the three together.

“Inspired by the Twitchhiker project where the Guardian writer Paul Smith plans to travel as far as he can on a sponsored ‘twitch hike’ I wanted to do something good through Twitter.

“The blogger Troubled Diva published Shaggy Blog Stories through Lulu a couple of years back for Comic Relief and I thought it would be fun to update it. “The actual writing for this book will not be published on Twitter as it only allows 140 characters per tweet. But we’ll tweet calls for submissions, link to a dedicated blog on Twitter and ask people to help via Twitter.

“We’ll also publicise the anthology through the many writers on Twitter and hope to choose the stories to be included with the help of people kind enough to offer their expertise and/or time, again through Twitter.”

Manchester journalist, blogger and author Louise Bolotin will edit the writing before publication. Artist Ash Lamont from Glasgow is designing a cover.

There are various ways the organisers hope the Twitter community can help. These are: Contributing a piece of writing/ask others to contribute. Publicising the call for submissions (via Twitter, their blog or included in media coverage of Comic Relief or Twitter) Taking part in the selection process.

They hope to put together an ‘expert panel’ Because of the influx of high-profile comedians, writers and TV personalities to Twitter, it’s also hoped that the collection can gain an element of celebrity endorsement.

Louise said: “With so many celebrities now frequenting Twitter and broadcasting their activities to a huge number of fans, we hope that some will consider helping put something back and support our Red Nose effort.

“We hope that they can at the very least help promote the book and it would be wonderful if they could consider contributing or writing a foreword.”

For more information, please contact Linda or Louise. Linda: Linda@passionatemedia.co.uk http://www.twitter.com/joner http://www.passionatemedia.co.uk Louise: louisebolotin@googlemail.com http://www.twitter.com/louisebolotin http://louisebolotin.com

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February 11, 2009 at 6:12 pm