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A better fortnight for food management

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Yoghurt. That’s my problem.
We eat stacks of it in this house and then, for reasons unknown, we just stop. But I keep buying it. And it goes off.
It’s been one of those fortnights: one of those “don’t fancy yoghurt” at any meal. Which means one litre of Greek yoghurt has glugged down the sink. At least I can recycle the tubs.
Apart from that, it has been a fairly good two weeks when it comes to food wastage.
Apart from the one litre of Greek yoghurt, I’ve only thrown away a large floret of broccoli and a couple of apples (and they went into the compost bin). I reckon that’s just about £2 worth.
The kerbside recycling bin is chockablock every two weeks with plastic, paper, tins, Tetra packs, cardboard and so on, while we average about 15 litres of landfill rubbish.
I think I’m getting better at food management – but no rosette yet. I’ve got about six overripe bananas that need to be made into a cake. And it should have made done a couple of days ago.


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February 28, 2009 at 4:59 pm

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